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“I know a lot of things docs dont presribe soma could happen. It wasn't the first day of wonders and disappointments. He was down docs dont presribe soma less than ... Soma - Why won't doctors prescribe it anymore? Asked 13 Dec 2011 by Tehandyz Active ... Why don't Doctors want to prescribe Soma anymore for a muscle relaxant? What to do if your dr. won't prescribe Soma? Asked 21 Jun 2011 by ldavis95 Active 25 Jun 2011 ... Why don't Doctors want to prescribe Soma anymore for a muscle relaxant? Funny thing is the doctors don't want me on ... been the most issues with Soma and not wanting to prescribe ... Spine-health publishes original articles ... Doctors and Prescribing Soma. ... to fight to get them to prescribe Soma. ... in their literature is that they really don't do testing on subjects ... I too was recently told that my doctor would not prescribe Soma as ... don't work, so when I asked for Soma from a ... Pain Management doctors who have ... Why would a doctor prescribe Soma (a muscle relaxer) to a young girl who's nervous about talking to boys? But i really don't hear much about soma's being abused as nearly as much as other ... Anyone? soma...(carisoprodol) ... some doctors are hesitant to prescribe ... Doctor who will prescribe Xanax in the ... pain specialist in the Longview/Tyler, Texas area no one will ... me which doctors will prescribe ... soma and xanax question. dj33469 Posts: 18. ... Soma is a schedule II medication and is addictive. That's why many doctors don't prescribe it anymore.

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