Being a member of anything these days has become less important than it once was. As various social groups and churches used membership to entice people into attending in the last half of the 20th century, it is no longer respected and appreciated in the same way. In response, many churches have lessened standards to become a member, and try not to expect too much of those who are members. However, membership in a congregation is a place of belonging. It is a great responsibility and privilege to belong, working alongside your church family while loving God and your neighbor. As you respond to God’s grace and love, your presence matters. 

Our church has a new member class called, C-101: The Basics of Christianity (http://alcportland NULL.C-101 NULL.Outline NULL.pdf), which is taught by the pastors once or twice a year depending on interest. It is a 14-week course that covers important aspects of the Christian faith, and also helps the learner know what to expect as they continue their journey within the fellowship of Christian believers at Ascension Lutheran Church.