Lutheran worship is similar in many ways to other mainline Protestant church bodies. When the Protestant Reformation occurred in the 1500’s, many elements of the Roman Catholic Mass made their way into different denominations. Our church uses a type of worship that follows a format known as “liturgy.” The word liturgy means a public type of service. Therefore, most churches follow some type of liturgy or order of service.

  • Worship is a powerful and important part of the life of any believer in Christ, as God’s true grace and forgiveness flow to the people attending, while their praise and thanksgiving is returned. Worship is a rhythm of God’s grace and our praise. In light of the Bible’s teaching that God’s grace is delivered to us through the Word and Sacraments (http://alcportland NULL.com/about-alc/statement-of-faith/), we value worship as more than just praise and thanksgiving. 

Some of the pieces of the liturgy or service we always try to incorporate into our services are:

  1. Invocation, or calling on God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit to be with us
  2. Confession and forgiveness
  3. Prayer – including the Lord’s Prayer
  4. Scripture readings, especially from the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John
  5. Preaching or a sermon that clearly announces the full counsel of God as it is written in Scripture, which always includes proclaiming the forgiveness of sins by the work of Jesus Christ
  6. Offering, or a time to give back to the Lord a portion of what He has already given to us
  7. The Lord’s Supper (every Sunday, but alternating between late and early services)
  8. Hymns and songs that have meaning within the context of the readings and preaching of the day 

As you look over this list, notice the places that God is coming to us with His grace (forgiveness, Scripture readings, sermon, the Lord’s Supper) while our praise and sacrifices go to Him (confession, prayers, offering, and singing songs) – this is the true rhythm of worship.

  • For those familiar with Lutheran worship services, we do not follow any Lutheran hymnal, but have a “blended worship service.” This means we follow parts of the liturgy, but do not follow any specific Divine Service as is printed in the hymnal, but always incorporate the list above. Our services are printed in an easy to read and follow bulletin, as well as shown on an overhead screen at the front of the sanctuary.