Curriculum & Skills

  • Juniors (3 yr old) (pdf (http://alcportland NULL.pdf))
  • Seniors (4 & 5 yr old) (pdf (http://alcportland NULL.pdf))


  • Name and write numbers 1-30
  • Recognize and name shapes
  • Create patterns
  • Begin problem solving and estimation

Language Arts/Reading

  • Name upper and lower case alphabet letters
  • Identify letter sounds
  • Beginning reading skills
  • Listen to variety of stories, literature forms
  • Recall simple story parts
  • Recognize and write name
  • Letter writing and beginning spelling skills


  • Develop an appreciation of music
  • Participate in movement activities
  • Use rhythm instruments
  • Learn and sing songs

Science Themes

  • The Five Senses
  • Seeds and Plants
  • Butterfly Life Cycle

Social Development-

  • Act appropriately in a group setting
  • Learn to listen and follow directions
  • Practice cooperation and sharing
  • Strive toward independence
  • Develop friendships
  • Nurture the love of learning
  • Feel comfortable at school

Health and Wellness

  • Learn safety rules
  • Name body parts

Physical Education

  • Performs basic motor skills: jumps, hops, skips, gallops
  • Performs basic ball skills: throw, catch, bounce
  • Learns appropriate movement in defined space 


  • Learns to handle/care for books
  • Understands library procedures
  • Introduced to parts of the book
  • Appreciates literature forms

Social Studies Themes

  • All About Me (Family, Homes)
  • Community Helpers
  • Holidays

Activities for Families

  • Family Nights with dinner and guest speakers – special activities for kids during speaker
  • Craft Night – family dinner and Christmas crafts for the whole family
  • Soup Suppers with ALC Family Church Service
  • Children’s Christmas Programs
  • Spring Music Program & Ice Cream Social
  • Annual Plant Sale Fundraiser

Classroom Activities

  • Field Trips – pumpkin patch, post office, fire station, park, library, zoo etc.
  • Community Garden
  • Classroom Parties
  • “All About Trees” assembly with paper making activity
  • Kid’s Can Safety Program provided by “Listen to Kids”
  • “Raising A Reader” Red Book Bag program through grant provided by Multnomah County Library
  • Fall and Spring School Pictures
  • Monthly Librarian Visits
  • Special Visitor Days
  • Senior Preschool and Kindergarten Graduations
  • Fall/Spring Parent Teacher Conferences for Kindergarten – Preschool conferences Fall only